1.Do I need to send you a good quality photo?

YES. The most important thing is to send us the best quality photograph,in order that  we produce the best result.Blurry,dark or out-of -focus photographs, produce the same faults  in the crystal. If we consider your photograph is not up to standard, you will be contacted,so that you may submit a better quality photograph for processing.


2.How do we do it?

We use software to transform your photograph into a file ready for lasering. Hundreds of thousands of tiny points have co-ordinates allowing the laser to plot the exact position in the crystal.The result is an internal image centred within each piece.


3.Do you produce colour images?

No.Our pure, optical glass is monochrome.


4.Do I need a light in the base?

Yes.We strongly recommend you purchase a light base with your crystal.The light, particularly a coloured light, will enhance your image.


5.What is the difference between a 2D and a 3D crystal?

A 2D picture inside the crystal is flat in profile and a 3D picture inside the crystal has depth.


4.Is the background removed?

Yes.We always remove the background from customers’  photographs. Less is more!


5.How do I know you received my order?

After we receive your order,we will send you confirmation by email.


6.Can I cancel/change my order.

Because our crystals are personal to you, we can not cancel or change once the process has begun.However, please contact me if you forsee a problem.


7.What if I have specific require for my order?

Just contact us via email-info@royalcrystal.co.uk


8.Can I return my order.

When your crystal leaves us, it will be in perfect condition.We will replace the product only if it has been damaged in the post.We will always do our best to resolve any problem.

Your statutory rights are not affected.


9.Shipping and delivery-UK.

 Free delivery 5-8 days.